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At this time,links for display ads are turned off.

We will be adding them to our site in the near future

Thank you,  Kernersville Classifieds


   Display Ads

Choose either Classifieds , Business listings, OR in BOTH!

Business, Info, or Product, we make it simple to advertise with Kernersville Classifieds

And while anyone can post for free, unless a user is just looking for your type item,
you could be missed with all the listings. The more exposure, the better the results.

Display ads assures that you will

  G E T   S E E N!

Choose the right display ad for your desired exposure

Rotates with other displays for “30 full days”

Displays throughout the “entire area” of Main Menu with Classifieds, Business listings, or you can choose both!


 $ 20 month 125×125 right side displays
Ad 1

$ 60 month 468×60 “Top” banners
ad 2 & 3
$ 40 month 468×60 “Bottom” banners